Ensuring a vibrant future for generations of Houstonians

The Flood Resilience Task Force exists to promote the preservation of the Greater Meyerland and Mid-Brays Bayou communities by connecting public and private stakeholders to optimize comprehensive flood response, recovery and mitigation strategies.

Our Objectives:

  1. We seek a just and equitable allocation of recovery funds in recognition of the disproportionate impact of recent floods on the Mid Brays Bayou watershed.  While a range of mitigation strategies should be considered, our first goal is recovery for the families and institutions most severely affected.

  2. We seek the preservation of the essential character of the Greater Meyerland/Mid-Brays corridor.  We recognize that change in response to natural disaster is unavoidable, but the essential character of our communities must be preserved.  As we consider future mitigation strategies, we should favor those that best serve this goal.

  3. We seek a voice in the purposeful redesign of the area to mitigate future flooding, and to ensure long-term vitality of neighborhoods, businesses, and religious and educational institutions.  That can best be accomplished by expediting alignment of the best urban planning and engineering practices from across public and private sectors to benefit Jewish and non-Jewish institutions, organizations, homeowners, and community interests.

The Situation:  Houston is a city of neighborhoods and communities, and the Mid-Brays/Greater Meyerland community is a prime example of how a community can enrich the cultural diversity and economic viability of our city, when it is allowed to set roots in an area over time. The Mid-Brays/Greater Meyerland area is home to a vibrant Jewish community, but also home to other faiths, cultures, institutions, and outstanding public schools that make it an ideal neighborhood for young families.

Long before Hurricane Harvey, the Mid-Brays/Greater Meyerland community has known the physical danger, psychological trauma, and financial devastation of catastrophic weather, but in recent years the impact of those storms has worsened considerably, The cumulative effect of successive floods in a very short period of time has challenged the perseverance and patience of those who flooded, and the trust they have in agencies tasked with preventing future floods. 

The residents of Mid-Brays/Greater Meyerland understand that current response, recovery and mitigation efforts are administered by government entities with conflicting and overlapping jurisdictions, therefore no single entity can plan for the future in a comprehensive way. The residents and senior institution leadership of Mid-Brays/Greater Meyerland want better, and we are here to help them. We need a single voice that can advocate for both technical mitigation strategies and consideration of the economic and social impact of those strategies on families, businesses and institutions.